I am definitely an addict! I remember not wanting to try a class because I "loved" the classes at the gym. I was going to at least 3 high-cardio toning/dance classes a week. I remember telling Shelly that I wasn't very flexible and was not sure how Body Sculpt classes would work for me. She assured me she would get me there if I'd trust her and stick with it. At the time, I couldn't imagine how I could enjoy working out at any other class. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try out a Body Sculpt class. No big deal, piece of cake, so I thought. Was I wrong! The next day, muscles hurt that I never knew I had and just the task of sitting in a chair was challenging. How could this happen to someone who considered themselves "in shape"? I continued with a couple of classes a week and began noticing changes in my body in a short amount of time--more definition to muscles, inches lost, a greater range of flexibility (that I've never had), and a drive to keep going back for more. Thanks Shelly, for "kicking" my bOOtY and investing your time and energy in me even when I whined and complained. Who knew what little words like lifting, cinching, tucking, holding, and zinging could do???  

- T.J.