In 20 days... that's less than one month.. even less than 3 weeks, I have transformed mentally and physicially. People have told me all my life, "you're skinny...what do you need to exercise for!" I need to DO it for myself so I can BE it for my family! It's not about being "skinny", its about being strong and healthy! I've learned that I'm not a runner and I am not motivated enough to do at-home workouts. I need the motivation of others to see results. The Body Sculpt girls have become like a little family....laughing and sweating together, and cheering each other on. In 20 days I saw changes in my posture, lost inches in my waistline, fit into my pre-pregnancy "skinny" jeans, and made some great friends along the way. Seeing fast results and witnessing the other girls in my new "family" getting results has motivated me to continue. I feel stronger, and maybe even a little sexier :0) ..... and this is just the beginning.. Bring on the next 20 days!    -

- M.B.