Plateaus and Plies

I first discovered Body Sculpt Barre Studio in August of 2015. I had heard great reviews from a few friends about it and it sparked my interest to try it. I had no idea what barre was, but I was willing to try out anything at least once. Going to the gym alone was boring and I did not feel like I was seeing any progress. I had also tried other fitness classes, but I just didn't feel like they were for me. I couldn't bring myself to stick to any routines, but I knew I needed to make a change for myself. I decided to sign up for my first trial class. From day one of walking into this studio, the instructors have been nothing shy of encouraging and motivational! I knew then that this was a fitness routine that I could see myself sticking with. I was so sore after my first class that I could barely walk for two days, but the burn felt so good! Once I started seeing results I couldn't stop. I love the variety of classes that BSB has to offer and the routines are never the same as the last class. This always keeps it fresh and exciting. Flash forward to a little over a year and I am just as much as a barre addict as I was from day one. Around the end of June 2016, I felt myself starting to hit a plateau. I was still going to barre classes regularly, but working full time night shifts at a hospital really takes a toll on your body and energy. My personal performance wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. I felt like I needed a jumpstart. That is when a friend of mine introduced me to AdvoCare. I started to incorporate a lot of the AdvoCare products into my fitness and daily routine. I decided to try the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge to give me the boost that I needed. Two weeks into the challenge, my energy was through the roof and I was feeling better than I had in two years. I also started making healthier choices about the foods I put into my body. Once I started eating right and using the right products, I noticed how much better I felt during barre classes. I finally feel like I have found the perfect routine for my lifestyle. The combination of Body Sculpt Barre Studio and AdvoCare have brought so much happiness and success to me. The picture below shows a 30 lb. weight loss, but also a huge gain of confidence that I thought I lost a long time ago. I'm grateful for the day I decided to take a chance and walk into those studio doors for my first class. This fitness journey has had ups and downs and it is far from finished, but I'm happy to have my barre family by my side every step of the way!


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